Proper Grooming

A child have the best of parents and the best of faculties but what he really needs in nourishment.The nourishment which will provide him with the proper grooming.It is this grooming which seprates an INDIVIDUAL from the CROWD. Successful MAN from MEDIOCRE

Stepping Stone

Our motto is to create an atmosphere,where every child can learn how to be in constant pursuit of excellence,and even find positive messages in failures.After all, every one requires a STEPPING STONE to move up in life

Explore your mind

Breaking from the conventional methods of teaching,we believe in letting the child develop a sense of inquiry.This way they learn to analyze things which in turn enhance their thinking skills.

Fine to make a point

We believe that the power of expression is the ultimate proof of an active mind. it gives us pleasure to listen to our students,as they are what we call,"The Voice Of the Future".

Helping you befriend the books

With Internet and TV domination the presence in a child's Mind.The existence of books is fast becoming extinct.We at Gyan Asthali ,encourage reading not only as a habit but a requisite to grow.Frequent projects,seminars and quizzes,amongst the peers,helps the child adapt to the need of book reading.The vast collection that we have at the school,can satiate the thirst of "The knowledge yearning mind"

Every hobby can be Nourished

No one can be as lucky as a person who gets an opportunity to pursue His/Her hobby as a profession.We at Gyan Asthali aim to let your child Hone their latent talent through a meticulously planned hobby curriculum.For,who knows we will be proudly facilitating your child for achieving milestones after milestones in the times to come.

To give proper guidance to the children,we have brought professional to facilitate learning both inside and outside the room for the children. A group of gems who know what is required to make a jewal out of stones.Know as FACILITATORS,they come with huge quality experience behind them.