Enrollment will begin from January of this year although,session will start later on.During this slab students will be given training for their respective classes so that they can be accustomed and acclimatised to their respective classes

School Uniform

For Boys:- Yellow Shirt,Dark Green Pant,Dark Green Blazer/Pullover,Green Socks and White Shoes(for general classes) and Yellow Shirt,White Pant,White-Green combination T-Shirt,White Socks and White Shoes(For PT Games)

For Girls:- Yellow Shirt,Dark Green Skirt,Dark Green Blazer/Pullover,Green Socks and Black Shoes(For general Classes) and Colour Shirt,White Skirt,White-Green combination T-Shirt,White Socks and White Shoes(For PT Games)


Tuition fee will be charged on quarterly basis in advance.
For Admission and other charges, the school office counter-increment may be contacted.


The Academic year of the school begins in April and ends in March.


A student is required to keep 75% attendance in each term.The students failing to filfil the required attendence shall not be permitted to appear for Annual/Board Examination.


The medium of instruction is English through special emphasis is given on the teaching for Hindi as well.The medium of communication in the school premises is only English

School Timing

  • In Summer : 08:00AM :: 01:50PM
  • In Winter : 09:00AM :: 02:50PM

Homework Policy

Homework is a constructive tool in the teaching/learning progress,geared to the needs and abilities of students, for the reainforcement of matter learned in school.It is also intended to help students develop independent study habit. As a policy no homework is given class I.However,some reinforcement worksheets may be given.Students should try and do their homework entirely on their own,without the help of their parents.They should develop a regular homework routin,keep their parents informed with respect to homework assignment and show them the finished work.


No formal tests are conducted for the primary section.After every topic review is done,and the performance of the syudent is noted, The aim is to ensure that the students have understood the course work and do not resort to rote learning.

Thus,the students are continuously assessed and all subject teachers give a details report at the end of every term.The class teachers head of the junior section and the headmaster continuously monitor each child's performance. Commendation are issued on a weekly basis to encourage the children to excel in academic.CErtificates and medals are awarded at the end year to the most promising students.